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 Cinnamon Oak Plank / Natural Merbau Plank / Saddle Oak Plank / Sierra Oak Plank 

Wooded Escape

Fresh Bark / Rustic Brown / Tuscan Earth _ _



mohawk artfully designed

artfully designed aged cabin CDL37-04

artfully designed english biscotti CDL37-01

artfully designed grey castle CDL37-03

artfully designed misty barn CDL37-02


mohawk barrington

barrington bourbon hickory CDL25-06

barrington country natural oak CDL25-02

barrington gingerbread chestnut CDL25-08

barrington nutmeg chestnut CDL25-10

barrington rustic suede hickory CDL25-03

barrington southern autumn hickory CDL25-05

barrington toasted chestnut CDL25-09

barrington vintage saddle oak CDL25-07


mohawk boardwalk collective

boardwalk collective beach wood CDL77-02W

boardwalk collective boathouse brown CDL77-04W

boardwalk collective graphite CDL77-06W

boardwalk collective gulf sand CDL77-05W

boardwalk collective sand dune CDL77-01W

boardwalk collective silver shadow CDL77-03W


mohawk carrolton

carrolton aged bark oak CDL16-93

carrolton amber walnut plank CDL16-12

carrolton antique barn plank CDL16-31

carrolton burnished oak plank CDL16-32

carrolton ebony oak CDL16-08

carrolton grey flannel oak CDL16-98

carrolton ground nutmeg hickory CDL16-97

carrolton harvest oak plank CDL16-03

carrolton hickory shadow oak CDL16-09

carrolton honey caramel hickory CDL16-95

carrolton natural maple strip CDL16-40

carrolton natural teak plank CDL16-01

carrolton toasted butternut CDL16-99

carrolton warmed maple plank CDL16-02

carrolton wheat oak strip CDL16-10


mohawk celebration - 2 plank

celebration - 2 plank blonde acacia CDL11-1

celebration - 2 plank cafe chic walnut CDL11-11

celebration - 2 plank chocolate truffle oak CDL11-12

celebration - 2 plank golden harvest oak CDL11-15

celebration - 2 plank honey nut oak CDL11-10

celebration - 2 plank pearl platinum oak CDL11-14

celebration - 2 plank warm autumn oak CDL11-16


mohawk  celebration - single plank

celebration - single plank Cafe Chic Walnut - 7mm Laminate CDL11-11

celebration - single plank Chocolate Truffle Oak- 7mm Laminate CDL11-12

celebration - single plank Honey Nut Oak- 7mm Laminate CDL11-10


mohawk chalet vista

barnhouse oak CDL73-01

beechwood cream oak CDL73-09

canyon echo oak CDL73-02

cheyenne rock oak CDL73-05

chocolate glazed maple CDL73-06

honey tone oak CDL73-03

midday mocha oak CDL73-04

white weathered pine CDL73-08


mohawk festivalle plus

festivalle plus burnished brown oak CDL17-11

festivalle plus cambridge oak CDL17-10

festivalle plus golden blonde oak CDL17-13

festivalle plus tuscany oak CDL17-12


mohawk festivalle
festivalle american cherry CDL10-01

festivalle burnished brown oak CDL10-11

festivalle butterscotch oak CDL10-04

festivalle cambridge oak CDL10-10

festivalle golden blonde oak CDL10-13

festivalle honey oak CDL10-07

festivalle northern maple CDL10-03

festivalle sunset american cherry CDL10-06

festivalle tuscany oak CDL10-12


mohawk georgetown

georgetown cinnamon oak plank CDL7-03

georgetown natural merbau plank CDL7-40

georgetown saddle oak plank CDL7-05

georgetown sierra oak plank CDL7-04


mohawk havermill

havermill antique leather maple CDL72-01

havermill butter cream hickory CDL72-05

havermill crisp autumn oak CDL72-10

havermill havana hickory CDL72-15

havermill honey blonde maple CDL72-14

havermill latte sawn oak CDL72-03

havermill smokey oak CDL72-11

havermill soft copper oak CDL72-12

havermill stone wood CDL72-13

havermill sunbeam acacia CDL72-04

havermill sunburst walnut CDL72-07


Mohawk rare vintage

rare vintage cedar chestnut CDL74-02

rare vintage driftwood oak CDL74-06

rare vintage earthen chestnut CDL74-04

rare vintage fawn chestnut CDL74-01

rare vintage knotted chestnut CDL74-03

rare vintage sandcastle oak CDL74-05


Mohawk reclaimed chic

reclaimed chic golden honey CDL31-02

reclaimed chic grey shadow CDL31-01

reclaimed chic silver ivory CDL31-03


Mohawk refined artistry

refined artistry painted timber CDL29-01

refined artistry silver dollar CDL29-03

refined artistry weathered grey CDL29-02


Mohawk wooded escape

wooded escape fresh bark CDL32-02

wooded escape rustic brown CDL32-03

wooded escape tuscan earth CDL32-01 

The Benefits of RevWood Flooring

With RevWood and RevWood Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. Available in all the latest colors and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home.

Our selection of RevWood flooring adds sophisticated wood style to your home without breaking the bank. RevWood flooring is easy to install, easy to clean, and easy on your budget, making it a great choice for the way you live.

Even better, RevWood floors are exceptionally durable and resistant to both staining and fading, providing worry-free assurance that the floor you love won't lose its looks.

RevWood is a revolutionary wood flooring built to withstand real life.

An exceptional solution for active households, it resists stains, scratches and dents while offering all the beauty of wood floors.

RevWood is available in a variety of styles in trending colors to coordinate with any decor.

Mohawk Revwood  

Rare Vintage

Cedar Chestnut / Driftwood Oak / Earthen Chestnut / Fawn Chestnut / Knotted Chestnut / Sandcastle Oak