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Cherokee Ridge ​​​

Mohawk Tecwood Collection

Enhanced engineered construction resists expansion and contraction from humidity changes. Comes in plank or longstrip format in various widths.


Floors you’d like to install on any level of the home; rooms in need of a stable product with multiple installation options.


Any level, over a variety of subfloor types.

Wood flooring is the traditional hallmark for taste, style, and performance. Our TecWood is prized for its natural beauty and lasting durability, TecWood in the home makes a rich visual statement but keeps cleanup a breeze. That's why TecWood floors are the perfect combination of strength and style for all homes.



alpine ridge

midnight storm oak WED05-77

river rock oak WED05-76

white oak natural WED05-10

wild mushroom oak WED05-78

worn leather oak WED05-75


american designer

antique beige WEC93-34

burnished caramel WEC93-36

fashion gray WEC93-33

polished stone WEC93-35

slate rock WEC93-76


american retreat 3

antique oak WEC08-31

brandy oak WEC08-19

butternut oak WEC08-79

chocolate oak WEC08-11

glacier oak WEC08-25

gunstock oak WEC08-50

stonewash oak WEC08-17

wool oak WEC08-09


American retreat 5

antique oak WEC09-31

brandy oak WEC09-19

butternut oak WEC09-79

chocolate oak WEC09-11

glacier oak WEC09-25

gunstock oak WEC09-50

stone wash oak WEC09-17

wool oak WEC09-09


American Vintique

Canyon Brown Hickory WEC92-92

Gray Mist Hickory WEC92-91

Ivory Coast Oak WEC92-86

Southwest Hickory WEC92-88

Thunderstorm Gray Hickory WEC92-87

Treehouse Oak WEC92-10

Vintage Oak WEC92-90



artic white oak WLM04-09

barnwood oak WLM04-76

cappuccino oak WLM04-78

caramel oak WLM04-73

cobblestone oak WLM04-75

drawbridge oak WLM04-74

medieval oak WLM04-79

riverbend oak WLM04-77


brandymill 5”

hickory autumn WEC52-30

hickory charcoal WEC52-18

hickory chestnut WEC52-01

hickory chocolate WEC52-11

hickory country WEC52-10

hickory saddle WEC52-40

maple harvest WEC52-03


brookdale soft scrape t and g

autumn hickory WEC57-30

chocolate hickory WEC57-11

cognac maple WEC57-05

country natural hickory WEC57-10

country natural maple WEC57-12

light amber maple WEC57-01

natural walnut WEC57-04


Brookdale Soft Scrape Uniclic

Autumn Hickory WEC58-30

Chocolate Hickory WEC58-11

Cognac Maple WEC58-05

Country Natural Hickory

Country Natural Maple

Light Amber Maple WEC58-01

Natural Walnut


byrch valley

amber sienna WEC94-99

autumn russet WEC94-40

rustic tobacco WEC94-98

terrace brown WEC94-11


cafe society

chai oak WED02-49

dolce oak WED02-46

French roast oak WED02-48

froth oak WED02-50

fusion oak WED02-47


canyon lodge

anchor hickory WED07-92

burlap hickory WED07-99

coffee hickory WED07-94

espresso hickory WED07-96

fossil hickory WED07-91

golden hickory WED07-93

mocha hickory WED07-95


cherokee ridge

cattail hickory WED10-14

gray mountain hickory WED10-15

grizzly hickory WED10-16

Rawhide hickory WED10-13

rich clay hickory WED10-11

stone harbor hickory WED10-17

trail blaze hickory WED10-12


city vogue

aspen oak WED01-43

chicago oak WED01-44

los angeles oak WED01-45

miami oak WED01-42

seattle oak WED01-41



chateau oak WEK18-79

cognac oak WEK18-08

graphite oak WEK18-55

walnut oak WEK18-07


coastal couture

beachwood oak WEM03-27

coastline oak WEM03-31

compass oak WEM03-28

nautical oak WEM03-32

seaspray oak WEM03-29

white cap oak WEM03-30



brun hickory WEK20-84

espresso maple WEK20-85

sepia hickory WEK20-83


greyson distressed

amaretto WEC56-72

amber distressed WEC56-100

chocolate WEC56-11

country natural WEC56-10

dark port WEC56-06

saddle WEC56-40

sienna WEC56-14


hartford hickory

coffee hickory WEE01-94

espresso hickory WEE01-96

golden hickory WEE01-93

mocha hickory WEE01-95



hickory amber WEC59-01

hickory autumn WEC59-30

hickory charcoal WEC59-17

hickory chocolate WEC59-11

hickory mocha WEC59-12

hickory shadow WEC59-76

hickory teak WEC59-18

hickory Winchester WEC59-62


highlands ranch

gunsmith maple WED09-07

night shade maple WED09-09

rodeo maple WED09-06

taupe maple WED09-08

whitewashed maple WED09-10


homestead retreat hickory

canyon dusk hickory WEM08-64

country natural hickory WEM08-10

heirloom hickory WEM08-66

rust hickory WEM08-65

smoke signal hickory WEM08-67

stampede hickory WEM08-63


homestead retreat walnut

natural walnut WEM09-10



granite maple WEK19-17

malt maple WEK19-79

natural walnut WEK19-10

sandy hickory WEK19-77


Metropolitan Chic

Brownstone oak WEM04-57

City Loft Oak WEM04-61

Coffeehouse Oak WEM04-62

Midtown Oak WEM04-58

Nightfall Oak WEM04-59

Studio Oak WEM04-60

Tapestry Oak WEM04-56


modern classics

dorian gray oak WEM01-26

dovetail oak WEM01-25

moonshine oak WEM01-22

oatmeal oak WEM01-23

roadside oak WEM01-80

stonehenge oak WEM01-21

tree bark oak WEM01-24


mountainside creek

coppertone hickory WED06-72

country natural hickory WED06-10

lantern light hickory WED06-70

oat straw hickory WED06-71

smokey mountain hickory WED06-73.png


northhaven 7

castlerock maple WEC91-72

gunmetal oak WEC91-70

hearthstone Oak WEC91-69


pacifique engineered

acacia barrel WEK15-49

acacia natural WEK15-10

acacia spice WEK15-51.png


palo duro 4' 6' 8'

oak chestnut WEK17-06

oak cognac WEK17-05

oak graphite WEK17-55

oak walnut WEK17-07

tawny natural WEK17-56


pastiche 3.25

oak autumn WEC27-30

oak charcoal WEC27-18

oak cherry WEC27-42

oak chocolate WEC27-11

oak golden WEC27-20

oak oxford WEC27-52

red oak natural WEC27-10


pioneer valley

dusty path hickory WED03-52

moonshine hickory WED03-54

saloon hickory WED03-53

wagon hickory WED03-55

woodwind hickory WED03-51


rockford hickory

gunpowder hickory WSC80-75

hickory natural WSC80-10

hickory sable WSC80-25


rockford maple

bourbon maple WEC79-13

brendyl maple WEC79-60

coffee maple WEC79-12

crema maple WEC79-24

flint maple WEC79-41

pure maple natural WEC79-10


Rockford Oak 3

Oak Butterscotch WSC57-22

Oak Cherry WSC57-42

Oak Chocolate WSC57-11

Oak Gunstock WSC57-50

Oak Saddle WSC57-40

Oak Shale WSC57-97

Red Oak Natural WSC57-10


rockford oak 5

oak butterscotch WEC82-22

oak cherry WEC82-42

oak chocolate WEC82-11

oak gunstock WEC82-50

oak saddle WEC82-40

oak shale WEC82-97

red oak natural WEC82-10


Santa Barbara

Banister Birch WSK1-74

Chocolate Maple WSK1-11

Dark Auburn Maple WSK1-02

Light Amber Maple WSK1-01

Linen Maple WSK1-77

Mocha Maple WSK1-12

Natural Maple WSK1-04

Onyx Maple WSK1-76

Saddle Oak WSK1-40

Sandstone oak WSK1-78

Steel Maple WSK1-75


spring valley

barnwood oak WED08-04

beigewood oak WED08-03

flaxseed oak WED08-06

fox run oak WED08-07

mustang oak WED08-02

pine cone oak WED08-01

stone brown oak WED08-05


timberline oak 3

Autumn Oak WEC84-30

Cherry Oak WEC84-42

Golden Oak WEC84-20

Oak Natural WEC84-10

Oxford oak WEC84-52

Shale Oak WEC84-97


timberline oak 5

autumn oak WEC85-30

cherry oak WEC85-42

golden oak WEC85-20

oak natural WEC85-10

oxford oak WEC85-52

shale oak WEC85-97



acacia barrel WSK20-49

acacia natural WSK20-10

acacia spice WSK20-51


vintage elements 7

armor oak WEC77-48

colonial gray WEC77-54

lighthouse oak WEC77-47

sumatra oak WEC77-49

white sand oak WEC77-10

winter oak WEC77-46


vintage view

butternut birch WEK34-91

iron birch WEK34-90

java birch WEK34-98

tobacco birch WEK34-97


wallingford birch

burlap birch WEK28-99

java birch WEK28-98

tobacco birch WEK28-97


weathered portrait

anchor hickory WEK33-92

coffee hickory Coffee Hickory

espresso hickory WEK33-96

mocha hickory WEK33-95

sepia hickory WEK33-93


Weathered Vintage

Blaze Oak WEM02-37

Cheyenne Oak WEM02-34

Coventry Gray Oak WEM02-38

Creek Bend Oak WEM02-39

Fireside Oak WEM02-3

Satchel Oak WEM02-35

Umber Oak WEM02-33


windridge hickory

coffee hickory WEK27-94

espresso hickory WEK27-96

golden hickory WEK27-93

mocha hickory WEK27-95


woodmore 3

oak autumn WEC33-30

oak cherry WEC33-42

oak golden WEC33-20

oak oxford WEC33-52

oak shale WEC33-97

oak stonewash WEC33-17

oak wool WEC33-09

red oak natural WEC33-10


woodmore 5

oak autumn WEC37-30

oak cherry WEC37-42

oak golden WEC37-20

oak oxford WEC37-52

oak shale WEC37-97

oak stonewash WEC37-17

oak wool WEC37-09

red oak natural WEC37-10


woodside hickory

coffee hickory WEC89-94

espresso hickory WEC89-96

greystone hickory WEC89-76

harvest hickory WEC89-65

mocha hickory WEC89-95



African Ebony Natural