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Somertile Bansky

Bansky 17-3/8"x17-3/8" Porcelain F/W Tile

Inspired by street graffiti, our Bansky 17-3/8 in. x 17-3/8 in. Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile features 67 different designs randomly scattered throughout each case that can be casually mixed and matched. These tiles are printed with NCT HD printing technology to ensure high-definition results. This unique piece will brighten any space and intrigue any passerby with its bright colors and interesting patterns. This tile features an exclusive glaze which is polished over, giving the surface a glass effect and a sensation of depth. Because of the porcelain body and unique finish, it has low water absorbency, making it a great outdoor option as well. The distinctive polish gives this tile a UV and stain-resistant finish, as well as a near-perfectly flat surface that is more reflective than other high-sheen tiles. After they are polished they are also rectified, making each tile the exact same size. This tile offers mid-level durability rating and is great for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and balconies.

Tile is the better choice for your space. This tile is made from natural ingredients, making it a healthy choice as it is free from allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde and PVC.

Note: Each case contains a random mix of tiles. The mix may not contain all 67 patterns.Product Number: FPEBANS

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