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somertile FCL18CAR Cairoo 17-58x17-58 Ceramic FW Tile 
somertile FCL18CAR-1 Cairoo 17-58x17-58 Ceramic FW Tile 
somertile FCL18CAR-3 Cairoo 17-58x17-58 Ceramic FW Tile 

Somertile Cairoo

Cairoo 17-5/8"x17-5/8" Ceramic F/W Tile

Worthy of installation in a McMansion but priced within most homeowners' budgets, the Cairoo Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile bestows a luxurious look that will greatly enhance any residential space. Combining to form an elegant four-tile pattern reminiscent of a palatial expanse, these 17-5/8 in. x 17-5/8 in. tiles from SomerTile have a glazed, high-sheen finish that's smooth and easy to clean. Align these durable, fashionable tiles in a shower, along an accent wall, as a backsplash or across your floor to give your home a classy update.

Product Number: FCL18CAR