Somertile Classical Calacatta

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classic calacatta
somertile FPE18CLC Classic Calacatta 18x18 Ceramic FW Tile 
somertile FPE18CLC-4 Classic Calacatta 18x18 Ceramic FW Tile 
somertile FPE18CLC-5 Classic Calacatta 18x18 Ceramic FW Tile 

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Classic Calacatta 18"x18" Ceramic F/W Tile

Marble has transfixed cultures for centuries with its silky colors and prestigious allure. The SomerTile Classic Calacatta 17-3/4 in. x 17-3/4 in. Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile is a marble alternative that captures the age-old beauty with the durable, easy-to-clean resilience of ceramic tile. A vivid, glossy white glaze is complemented with stormy gray veining, which varies per tile for added authenticity. With 20 different possible variations in marbleizing veining patterns, you will receive a random mix of patterns which may contain duplicates in each case of 5 tiles. This decadent look is perfect for high-traffic indoor spaces that need a classic twist.

Reminder: Each case contains a random mix of tiles. The mix may not contain all 20 patterns. 

Product Number: FPE18CLC
Availability: 8938/EA