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Somertile Pisa


Pisa Blanco 17-3/4"x17-3/4" Ceramic F/W Tile

Our Pisa Blanco 17-3/4 in. x 17-3/4 in. Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile introduces a sleek, sophisticated retro feel to any space. This high sheen tile features subtle white geometric lines accented by grey toned abstract designs that when arranged together, create a stunning starburst pattern in each corner. This non-vitreous tile features a mid-level durability rating and is great for everyday interior living.

Tile is the better choice for your space. This tile is made from natural ingredients, making it a healthy choice as it is free from allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde and PVC.

Product Number: FCL18PBL
Availability: 221/EA

somertile FCL18PBL Pisa Blanco 17-34x17-34 Ceramic FW Tile 
somertile FCL18PBL-04 Pisa Blanco 17-34x17-34 Ceramic FW Tile 
somertile FCL18PBL-05 Pisa Blanco 17-34x17-34 Ceramic FW Tile