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 Somertile Silueta​ 

somertile WESSVAC Sevillano Cigarro Cana Azul Cobalto 1x7-78 Cer W Trim 
somertile WESSVACR Sevillano Chair Rail Azul Cobalto 2x7-78 Cer W Trim 
somertile WESSVAN Sevillano Andalusia 7-78x7-78 Ceramic W Tile 
somertile WESSVANC Sevillano Andalusia Cenefa 7-78x7-78 Cer W Border Tile 
somertile WESSVGD Sevillano Giralda 7-78x7-78 Ceramic W Tile 
somertile WESSVGDC Sevillano Giralda Cenefa 7-78x7-78 Ceramic W Border Tile 

somertile WBLSILBL Silueta Blanco Brillo 12-38x24-78 Ceramic W Tile 
somertile WBLSILBM Silueta Blanco Matte 12-38x24-78 Ceramic W Tile 

Silueta Blanco Brillo 12-3/8"x24-7/8" Ceramic W Tile

The SomerTile Silueta Blanco Brillo 12-1/2 in. x 25 in. Ceramic Wall Tile will add interest to your walls with its exciting wave pattern. This tile features a high sheen and white glaze that makes for easy cleaning. With a contemporary look, these textured wall tiles will look great in your living space.

Product Number: WBLSILBL
Availability: 250/EA

Silueta Blanco Matte 12-3/8"x24-7/8" Ceramic W Tile

Captivating and soothing waves flow throughout the SomerTile Silueta Blanco Matte 12-3/8 in. x 24-7/8 in. Ceramic Wall Tile. With a satin finish, this enlarged wall tile has a sweeping, dimensional surface that embodies versatility in design. A creamy pearlescent satin white glaze offers a simplistic color scheme that blends with any door. The wave pattern mimics a rushing current, offering luxurious design that blends seamlessly between tiles for continuity. Intended for interior walls, this tile is great for showers, bathrooms and backsplashes. You can pair this tile with many other products, including ones in the Silueta series, to create your own lavish escape.

Product Number: WBLSILBM
Availability: 74/EA